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Weekend Journey to East Florida

I doubt anyone actually follows this blog. But that won't stop me from writing in it! I think this would be a good place for me to drop the photos that weren't really made for commercial purposes and give a glimpse into my life through the photos I take. How does that sound? =]

So my mom told me about some family she has, some real distant family! 1. She hasn't seen majority of them in 30 years! 2. The family tree they branch off of starts with my Grandma's Cousin! So that's my Grandma's; Aunt's; Child's Children. Let's not think about that too much longer, lol.

Now, if you were following the family scheme above, the lady in the hospital here is one of the Children's Child. And 10 years ago she was diagnosed with scleroderma. It seems like an auto immune disorder and it looks like it attacks her joints and her outer skin. From what I read, it can effect many other things as well. Scary stuff! And I don't know how appropriate it was for me to bring my camera and start taking pictures. But people were taking pictures with their cell phones so I took the opportunity to take pictures with a slighter bigger camera. And I could tell she didn't mind at all. She also seemed to not be in pain, just a bit uncomfortable. The lady in the 3rd pic was rubbing her down with lotion and massaging her whole body, I'm sure that helps with comfort a lot! And she still had a vibrance to her. I felt like she smiles bigger than me and I'm doing quite alright health wise!

That's something I always love seeing in people. The ability to accept what is and make the best of it. To not hold resentment towards anything in life. Just appreciate that you're alive. I know that's waaay harder for some. In this situation we have someone surrounded by family which helps a lot. That may be the source of her optimism. But if she held resentment and let it effect her attitude there would be a lot less people there visiting her. I saw about 8 people enter and leave the room to visit her. Dragging the calamity of the past with us makes it harder to make the best of the future. To moving forward!


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