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Entering a contest!

So here it is! I entered my site/portfolio into a photography contest. The winner gets to shoot the cover of a magazine. One is a Bridal Magazine, another is a Travel Magazine, and the 3rd is a Fashion Magazine (Vanity fair, to be exact!).

Winning something like this could be huge for me! At the very least, I hope it gets my work in the eyes of someone who can see what I can do for them, even if I don't win the contest.

I was scouting out some of the competition within the first week of the release of the contest and MAN! Some of these submissions... were WACK! It was like someone just hit submit to the contest without even putting anything on their site. And there were some pretty empty submissions with hebrew (or a similar language) written all over the place. I knew I would at least stand a chance against that! But on the final day when submissions were due, I saw some AMAZING work that I thought even blew my stuff away. So I now know that the competition is STIFF!

I hope to bring ya'll an update when I hear from them! Wish me luck and thank you for reading! =]

Thank you,


Cez Photo & Design

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