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Do you even blog?

Hello World!

You know what's one of the worst things to see on someone's website? A blog that's NEVER updated! So I'm calling myself out! Bad, Cesar!

But now I get to tell you about my wonderful year in the photo business! And it has definitely been an interesting year for me. I have learned a lot from managing my own brand, to registering a business, doing taxes, marketing, and sales. Being a successful business owner is a huge confidence booster. There's a security this brings as well. I know I could financially sustain myself as long a camera and a computer are close by.

Something else I appreciate about being in the photo biz is all the happy people I get to be around. That sounds kind of cliche, I know. But the type of people who hire a photographer for their birthday or a new edition to a family, are people who seem to have everything else under control. And that's something that's comforting. We'll leave the details of my past for another post. =)

What else really motivated me to take photography seriously was seeing how many photographers were out there making a living doing work that I would not have been satisfied producing. So I know I'm doing everyone who works with me a huge service to be in charge of capturing their precious moments. It also feels good when someone trusts me to help capture the essence of their personal brands as well.

What's most rewarding is waking up every day feeling like I'm working towards my ideal goal, which is to be able to work somewhere overseas doing something I thoroughly enjoy. While I wait, I'm having an amazing journey with the bonds formed through this craft. With more work comes more stress, but also comes more opportunities to be blessed.

I also want to add that I'm totally open to answering any questions any students of photography may have. If you're wondering how to find good locations, posing, answering clients, etc. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this.

Peace and Love,

Cesar Hernandez

Cez Photo & Design LLC

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