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The Best Engagement Session

Where do I start?

I was having a regular ole Tuesday in the office, answering emails, when I get a text message. *BUZZ BUZZ*

David: " fiancé and I just saw your website and we love your work! We want you to take our engagement photos and wedding photos. We'll pay whatever it costs."

I thought it was too good to be true! When someone's so excited about your photos that they just want to hire you with a blank check? GOOD LORD!!

Now every professional photographer knows shooting during the golden hour will get you that dreamy sunlight. The only problem with this was how much rain we were getting around that time! Every single day we had stormy weather and rescheduled way too many times. So we put on our big boy pants and got up extra early to get the shoot done. We met up at the park at 7am and got to shooting right away!

My go to lens for portrait photos are the Nikons 24-70mm and 85mm lens. The location was Kraft Azalea Park. There's something about this park that just feels so romantic. That's probably the reason why soooo many people come for their engagement photos. Those roman columns are a true staple of the area and I have seen them in a ton of other photos at the park, so my goal was to challenge myself to capture it from a different angle. The 3rd photo in the set was totally organic on the part of the couple. I simply tell them to have fun and to trust me to capture the best photos of them. They almost went into this Romeo and Julie type of trance. It was super spontaneous and was not the vibe that we had going on during the rest of the shoot. But a very welcomed vibe! If anyone has any question about this shoot or wants to see more from this session you can check it out in my Albums section under David and Shana Engagement.

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