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Young Model Portfolio Session

Maybe I'm spoiled with unbelievable blessings.

I never thought I would ever become good enough to break into the photography market and become a relied upon individual in this field. I never thought I would start seeing monetary results so soon as well. I even doubted I would ever get to a point where I was pleased with my own work. Now I look at my photos sometimes I am amazed that I produced something I can be proud of. I'm amazed that I'm in a space where other's appreciate my work and will simply pay my asking price (which reminds me, I have to start on that pricing sheet right away!)

So without further adieu, I present to you one of my latest shoots which were of a little girl who wants to be a model. They just needed the basics: A headshot, a medium length, and a wide angle photo. These are the basic shots all model agencies need to assess if they are interested in investing in a potential model.

Enjoy the slideshow below.

There is also an extra photo I threw in there too because who doesn't like photos of their child? :)

Modeling Portfolio Starter Sessions start at $125

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