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Junior Year of Photography

I'm finally back for another post!

(Side Note: This was supposed to have posted back in Sept 2018)

I didn't mean to leave you guys for so long! This post will be about me opening up about year 3 of trying to take my little business up into the air and letting it fly to carry me away to where my dreams come true. I know it will one day. It's just a matter of when, right?

However, at the moment this normal job / running a business / personal life balance is a lot harder to maintain than I imagined. I got really caught up in the accounting aspects of maintaining this business earlier this year and it was the worse. As soon as that was figured out, I was hit with a lot of different things that shook me to my core. I stressed out so bad I had a bald spot forming on the top of my head to the side! I believe it was alopecia, but I'm no doctor. I consider myself strong and ready for anything mentally, but I was really blind sided this time. Let's just say family means a lot more to me now.

If anyone reading this is going through something and would like to talk to someone feel free to contact me for that as well. I won't turn away anyone who just needs an ear to listen to them. Bottling things up is a lot worse for some people.

But after that, this year transitioned to be one of many great things! Inquiries have been flooding in and I'm always expanding my knowledge expertise on how to get even better at this photography craft. One of my favorite gigs were editing someone else's photos from home. I worked a few hours, sent the files digitally and received payments all from the comfort of my home. If I can make that a constant gig I would definitely find myself traveling the world! If anyone has more information about making this a reality for me please contact me ASAP!

As much as I dream about the future, what this year has taught me is to relish in the now. Be ever more present in the moment because you don't know how much longer you, or the people around you, will be here. One small miscalculation can cause a whole world of changes you cannot undo. Even if you happen to fall into a situation you could've avoided, you have to just take it head on and make the best of it. For your peace of mind now, and for your future sanctity.

Signing Off

~Cesar Hernandez

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