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Always capturing moments: A photographer's life

As professional photographers, we spend much of our time capturing the special moments of others. Weddings, graduations, and other milestone events are all part of our everyday lives. But what about when we put down the camera and live our own lives?

Many professional photographers also enjoy taking photos in their free time, capturing the beauty and moments of their own personal lives. These personal projects can range from landscapes and nature photography to street photography and portraits of friends and family.

Once you've found the spark for photography, you want to try and find different ways to capture every type of scene. Always looking for the best angles in every day life allows photographers to explore different styles and techniques outside of their usual work. They also provide a way to stay creative and inspired, leading to fresh ideas and perspectives that can be brought back to their professional work.

Photo of downtown Chicago, Dec 2023.

In short, capturing casual moments are an important part of a professional photographer's life. They allow us to explore our creativity, stay inspired and improve our skills. And as always, It’s an opportunity to keep capturing life's beauty, whether for our clients or for ourselves.

Click through the slideshow below to see some very casual photos of my family and life.

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